Piper Aircraft M700 Gets FAA Certification Nod

Piper Aircraft will begin deliveries of the M700 Fury later this month, following the FAA’s issuance of the airplane’s type certificate on Thursday. The M700, which Piper announced on February 6, replaces the M600SLS.

“The Fury is just the first step in a new generation of our M-Class product line, so watch this space, as Piper’s M-Class will be expanding both above and below what we currently offer,” said Piper president and CEO John Calcagno.

The M700 is powered by a 700-shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-52, a 100-shp increase from the engine on the M600. At maximum takeoff weight, the M700 can climb at 2,048 fpm, a 32 percent improvement over the M600, and climb to FL250 takes 13.9 minutes, a 34 percent improvement. Takeoff distance is 1,994 feet and landing distance is 1,968 feet—each about 700 feet shorter than that of the M600.

Its Garmin G3000 suite with Autoland is the same as on the M600, but the Fury adds Garmin’s PlaneSync 4G LTE cellular datalink technology, which allows M700 owners to remotely check fuel quantity, oil temperature, battery voltage, and metar weather report at the M700’s location. It also allows for downloading of databases wirelessly and remotely.

The range of the M700 is 1,852 nm, up from the M600’s 1,658 nm, and the maximum cruise speed jumps from the M600’s 274 ktas to 301 ktas. Courtesy of AIN.

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