Swiss manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft received simultaneous approvals for its new PC-24 super versatile jet on Thursday from EASA and the FAA, including authorizations for flight into known icing and single-pilot operations. The $8.9 million, 10-passenger twinjet was officially launched at EBACE 2013 in Geneva, and the first PC-24 prototype completed its maiden flight in May 2015. Pilatus closed the order book as it developed the aircraft. It plans to begin taking more orders starting later next year.

Pilatus said that the first PC-24 will be handed over to New Hampshire-based fractional provider PlaneSense in Stans, Switzerland, this month. The aircraft will then be flown to the U.S. in January for official delivery to the customer.

In 2013 we announced that the PC-24 would be ready in 2017, and now, shortly before the end of the year, we have achieved exactly that, said Pilatus chairman Oscar Schwenk. And all performance data promised to our first 84 customers has been achieved or even exceeded. The PC-24 delivers a maximum speed of 440 knots compared to the contractually agreed 425 knots, to cite just one example.

The company currently has eight PC-24s on the assembly line in Stans, with 23 deliveries to customers around the world planned throughout 2018. In the U.S., Pilatus has created a new completions and support center in Broomfield, Colorado, scheduled to be finished in mid-2018. Courtesy of AIN.

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