Pilatus Delivers 2,000th PC-12 Turboprop Single

Pilatus celebrated a milestone today with the delivery of the 2,000 aircraft in its PC-12 family. During a ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Stans, Switzerland, the turboprop single was handed over to long-time U.S. PC-12 operator PlaneSense. The New Hampshire-based fractional ownership provider has operated an all-Pilatus fleet since the delivery of its first PC-12 in 1995 and now has a fleet of 43 PC-12s and 11 PC-24 light jets.

“This unique aircraft constitutes the backbone of our operation and has been an important part of the success of the PlaneSense program,” said PlaneSense president and CEO George Antoniadis. “Our clients have enjoyed the aircraft’s versatility, reliability, comfort, and efficiency for 28 years. Our partnership with Pilatus has been incredibly valuable and we look forward to expanding it further in the years to come.”

Since its introduction in 1994, the aircraft has been continuously upgraded. The latest version, the PC-12 NGX, was launched in 2019. Pilatus delivered 80 of the type last year, and the global PC-12 fleet has amassed more than 10 million flight hours.

“Year after year our PC-12 is, and will remain, the world’s best-selling single-engine turboprop in its class with a pressurized cabin,” said Pilatus CEO Markus Bucher. Courtesy of AIN.

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