Aircraft Valuations

National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA)
Certified Aircraft Valuer

We offer a comprehensive valuation service to aircraft owners. The next time you require a valuation for either finance purposes, insurance or peace of mind, why not give the professionals a call. We provide a written valuation for either replacement or New Zealand / International retail values.

Unlike basic and sometimes inaccurate valuations, NAAA Valuer's also examine and report:

  • The aircraft's damage history
  • Engine or airframe modifications, if any
  • Make and model of installed avionics and if there were any Avionics upgrades
  • Physical condition of the airframe including surface corrosion, etc
  • Condition of de-ice equipment, instrumentation, and other systems and components
  • Props and time since overhaul
  • Engine overhaul status. For example, was the engine field overhauled to FAA overhaul service limits or overhauled to factory new limits, or was a new or remanufactured engine installed
  • Inspection status of the aircraft. For example, the aircraft may have been out of annual inspection for some period of time, or there may be Airworthiness Directives and/or mandatory Service Bulletins which have not been complied with

The National Aircraft Appraisers Association is the only organization in the world that considers all of these factors in its database. Additionally, all of the information the National Aircraft Appraisers Association uses is verified by its members who have physically evaluated the aircraft, and each Association member subscribes to the same evaluation criteria while performing the appraisal. The end result is an extremely accurate database that is verifiable.

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