Aircraft Pre-Purchase Audit

The primary objective of a pre-purchase inspection is to determine that the aircraft is both; in the condition as represented by the seller, and is acceptable to the potential buyer.

The purpose of the pre-purchase inspection is to protect the interests of the buyer. It is not intended to be an Annual or Airworthiness Inspection. The purchaser engages a professionally to evaluate the obvious condition of the aircraft and most importantly, its records.

The scope of the inspection may vary with respect to the model and age of the aircraft and the purchaser’s intended use. The desired cost of the inspection and the monetary risk the buyer is willing to accept is directly related to the depth of the inspection requested and previously agreed upon between the parties.

Typically the areas of evaluation will be:

  • General condition of aircraft
  • Its maintenance status and standards as shown by the technical records
  • Known problem areas readily observable by the nature of the abbreviated inspection
  • Obvious unrecorded damage and repairs
  • Log book and technical records
  • Compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations (ADs, etc) as shown by the log books and records
  • Modification conformity

If it is the intention for an aircraft to be imported into the USA or from the USA to another country, it will need to undergo an Importation Evaluation Process. This is different from a pre-purchase inspection.

It is our experience that many sellers are unaware of many of the findings that may surface during the pre-purchase inspection.

Thompson Aviation in association with Aeroflight Holdings is pleased to be of service as required.

“The Bitter Taste of a Poorly Maintained Aircraft and its Records, Lingers Much Longer than the Sweetness of the Price”
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