Management Support

A service to facilitate owner's use of private or company business aircraft, Thompson Aviation and its strategic partners can offer discreet professional services, crewing and supporting managing jet-propeller and jet-powered business aircraft.

For greater efficiencies in business travel or personal use, private jet travel is often the right solution. When the need for business travel exceeds the limits of commercial airline scheduling, owning or chartering a jet fills in the gaps and allows for seamless, efficient and private solutions. The Thompson Aviation team and its international partnerships can offer turnkey solutions for aircraft designed to take you from the ground to the sky and back, safely and effortlessly.

Strategic international partnerships offer unique aircraft management services designed to allow for custom tailoring specific to your needs – we manage and coordinate pre-purchase inspections, oversee required maintenance work, interior completions, delivery processes and any importation details required with affiliated authorities. We work to make aircraft ownership hassle free.

Our tailored aircraft management services and solutions include:

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