About Us

Martyn Thompson
Federal Aviation Administration
Designated Airworthiness Representative | DAR-T

A qualified commercial fixed wing pilot with a diverse aircraft engineering career encompassing general / corporate aviation and the airlines, which includes histories as Chief Engineer, Director of Maintenance, Quality Assurance Manager, FAA Designee and Aircraft Sales Manager, Martyn has excelled in providing an overall experience level, professional approach and can-do attitude.

Qualifications include a New Zealand Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License (LAME) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Powerplant (A&P), FAA Inspection Authorization (IA), FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR-T) and New Zealand Commercial Pilot.

As a buyer Thompson Aviation can offer a wealth of experience, reputation and knowledge to either locate domestically or internationally exactly the type of aircraft you may desire or require.

With affiliated offices around the world including Australia, Asia, USA, Middle East, Africa, UK and Europe, locating your new fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft is a mere formality. The Thompson Aviation Team will supply to meet the demands of the most discerning customer and take the hassle out of aircraft ownership.

Established aviation relationships, along with business acumen, professionalism and impeccable reputation, will continue and lead aircraft sales and service in New Zealand and Internationally; with integrity and drive for many years to come.

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