Embraer Launches Praetor Bizjets

Embraer has updated its Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 mid- and super-midsize business jets but the upgrades are big enough that it has created new product lines. The Praetor 500 and 600 use the same airframes and engines as their predecessors but the design enhancements offer significant boosts in efficiency and range. They were shown for the first time at a splashy unveiling Sunday in Orlando ahead of the National Business Aviation Association convention. The 500 has a range of 3250 nautical miles while the 600 will go 3900 NM. The range boost comes from larger fuel capacity and redesigned winglets that make the wingspan about two feet longer.

Inside, the cabin has been redesigned and updated with the latest connectivity and entertainment options. Up front, the Rockwell Collins suite includes vertical weather display, ADS-B In, and wind shear prediction capability. Optional pilot tools include enhanced and synthetic vision and a head-up display. Like the Legacy models, the aircraft are fly-by-wire and add a turbulence dampening feature to improve ride comfort. First deliveries for the 600 are set for second quarter of 2019 and the 500 will be ready by the end of 2019. The base price of the 500 is about $17 million and the 600 is $21 million. Embraer will continue to build the Legacy 450 and 500 and will offer upgrades of existing airframes to the Praetor model. Courtesy of AVweb.

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