E-350 Expedition To Resume Production In New Zealand

New Zealand-based Pacific Aerospace has acquired the ownership and manufacturing rights of the E-350 Expedition bush plane from legendary Canadian company Found Aircraft. The E-350, which is certified in the U.S. and Canada, will be manufactured at Pacific Aerospace’s headquarters in Hamilton, New Zealand, starting next summer. The E-350 Expedition is a cross-country cruising aircraft, a rugged backcountry bush plane and a high-performance float plane, said Pacific Aerospace chief executive Damian Camp.

It was designed and built at Found’s Parry Sound, Ontario, facilities. Only a few aircraft went into service but the aircraft earned positive reviews when it was introduced. Pacific Aerospace does not say if it has also acquired the type certificates for Found’s earlier aircraft, the Bush Hawk series. Found went out of business in 2013. “E-350 is a five-seat short take-off and landing capable aircraft able to carry heavy loads into some of the world’s most challenging airstrips,” Camp said. Pacific Aerospace makes the P-750 XSTOL, a big low-wing utility aircraft “with extreme take-off and landing capabilities.” Courtesy of AVweb.

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