FAA Acronyms

The following is a list of the most commonly used FAA Acronyms:

AC-Advisory Circular

ACO-Aircraft Certification Office

AD-Airworthiness Directive

AFM-Aircraft (Airplane) Flight Manual

APIS-Approved Production Inspection System

ASB-Alert Service Bulletin

ASI-Aviation Safety Inspector

BAA-Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement

BASA-Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement

CAA-Civil Aviation Authority

CAM-Civil Aeronautics Manual

CAR-Civil Air Regulation

CFR-Code of Federal Regulations

14 CFR-Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations

CG-Center of Gravity

CHDO-Certificate Holding District Office

CMACO-Certificate Management Aircraft Certification Office

CMO-Certificate Management Office

CMU-Certificate Management Unit

C of A-Certificate of Airworthiness

CO-Certificating Office

DAR-Designated Airworthiness Representative

DAS-Designated Alteration Station

DER-Designated Engineering Representative

DGAC-Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (French Aviation Authority)

DMIR-Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative

DOA-Delegation Option Authorization

DOD-Department of Defense

DOT-Department of Transportation

EAA-Experimental Aircraft Association

EASA-European Aviation Safety Agency

ELSA-Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft

ELT-Emergency Locator Transmitter

ENAC-Ente Nazionale per L’Aviazione Civile (Italian Aviation Authority)

FAA-Federal Aviation Administration

FAR-Federal Aviation Regulation

FSCAP-Flight Safety-Critical Aircraft Part

FSDO-Flight Standards District Office

GPO-Government Printing Office

ICAO-International Civil Aviation Organization

ICA-Instructions for Continued Airworthiness


IFO-International Field Office

IFR-Instrument Flight Rules

IPA-Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness

IPC-Illustrated Parts Catalog

JAR-Joint Aviation Requirements

LBA-Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Aviation Authority)

LSA-Light-Sport Aircraft

MCAI-Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information

MIDO-Manufacturing Inspection District Office

MIO-Manufacturing Inspection Office

MIP-Maintenance Implementation Procedure

MISO-Manufacturing Inspection Satellite Office

MPD-Maintenance Planning Document

MRB-Maintenance Review Board

MSB-Mandatory Service Bulletin

NAA-National Aviation Authorities

NTSB-National Transportation Safety Board

ODAR-Organizational Designated Airworthiness Representative

PAH-Production Approval Holder

PC-Production Certificate

PCA-Primary Category Aircraft

PI-Principal Inspector

PMA-Parts Manufacturer Approval

R&D-Research and Development

RFM-Rotorcraft Flight Manual

SFA-Special Flight Authorization

SFP-Special Flight Permit

SFAR-Special Federal Aviation Regulation

SOC-Statement of Compliance

SRM-Structural Repair Manual

STC-Supplemental Type Certificate

49 U.S.C.-Title 49, United States Code

TC-Type Certificate

TCDS-Type Certificate Data Sheet

TPA-Turbine-Powered Aircraft

TSO-Technical Standard Order

VFR-Visual Flight Rules

VLA(J)-Very Light Aircraft (Jet)

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